“Spread the Love” On an island 2 hours from Cebu airport, a tight-knit community finds love for quilting. Mabuhay Magazine, February 2019


“Let The Music Play” Spoken by an estimated 21 million people in the Philippines, Cebuano has finally found its way into mainstream contemporary music, thanks to a young generation of musicians who are asserting their cultural identity through a new genre called Visayan pop. Mabuhay Magazine, July 2018


Mabuhay Magazine May 2018 - Crystal Neri

“Into The Wild” Exploring the Philippines’ newest and biggest attraction, a 170-hectare wildlife sanctuary and adventure with white tigers and aquatic birds. Mabuhay Magazine, May 2018


“Dinosaur Encounter in Universal Studios Singapore” Limited time offer Jurassic World program including a a live-action show, an AR experience, and an interactive raptor training session. Sunstar, 19 July 2018

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