I’m Married! Our Wedding, Part 2

I’M NOW OFFICIALLY MARRIED to Jovi after many years of being together. Here’s Part 2 of a two-part series, with the final same-day edit video and a list of everyone that made it happen for us.  Our wedding suppliers: Giving business to our friends   Our simple gold wedding bands are from Suarez and Sons. 

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I’m Married! Our Wedding, Part 1

I’M NOW OFFICIALLY CRYSTAL NERI, married to Jovi after many years of being together. This is inside story of how we planned our wedding and the people and choices that guided our decisions. Here’s Part 1 of this two-part series, starting with the planning stages.  “Your wedding should reflect who you are as everyday people.” For the 

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A Very Sad Wedding Planning

YESTERDAY WHEN I WAS JET SKIING WITH MY FIANCE’S BROTHER, I could not stop thinking of Andrea. She’s my Colombian friend and golf teammate from college. I could just imagine Andrea’s face shrieking with joy as the waves crash against a standup jet ski in full throttle. In front of us was a light blue 

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Why Do People Get Married?

I read a lot about science and faith, but this Christian book on marriage taught me many things about myself and how to treat others. Coincidentally, now is Holy Week, a ripe time to reflect on permanent lessons from the Bible. I’m getting married soon. I’ve always believed that what I lack in experience, I can learn from 

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