On Turning 25

THIS TIME LAST YEAR, I was engaged and giving my all at work. Today, I just came back from a 2-day vacation in Boracay and had dinner with my husband and 16 members of his immediate family and in-laws. I’m also about to start my new job. What 365 days can do!   There’s a 

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Reflecting On The Past Year 2014

“THE YEAR I SAW BEAUTIFUL THINGS.” That’s how I’d describe 2014. It’s the year I got engaged to Jovi, worked my first job out of college, learned to cook and bake, and hiked and explored countless trails in San Diego — my home for the year. How blessed is a hiker’s life. Me at San Jacinto 

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Stories And My New Life In Cebu

    I SAT IN FRONT OF JAN YANEHIRO IN HER 79 New Montgomery office at downtown San Francisco. She’s dressed in a yellow wool jacket over a black top and long pants. Her gently parted bangs and lilac-colored eyeshadow struck me first as I stare at her.   “Crystal, your voice tends to fall off 

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Letter To Myself 10 Years Ago

At 13 years old, it was a rough life for me. Inspired by Simple Dollar’s Trent, today I write about what I wish I knew ten years ago.  —— Dear Crystal, Today you are 23 years old. You’re leaving the US after five years of building a life there, worked and saved the most you’ve 

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Saving Money (Part 2)

  (This is the continuation of my ‘Saving Money’ series. For Part 1, click here.)   The book that started it all for me: “Your Money Or Your Life”   SAVING MONEY TIP #3 – CREATE BARRIERS The illusion of superiority states we are not who we think we are. So, it helps to have specific 

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Saving Money (Part 1)

  MONEY HAS ALWAYS BEEN a fascinating subject. Growing up, I witnessed how different social classes operate. Unlike the U.S. with a middle class, the Philippines’ rich and poor are two very different animals. We had friends who could not put food on the table; at the same time, we mingled with kids who had 

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