A story about surigao del norte by crystal neri

Why Surigao Del Norte Is My Favorite

THE WORLD NOMADS WRITING SCHOLARSHIP is an annual competition for aspiring travel writers. How it works: You write a 2500-character story about one topic. You can choose 1 out of these 3: “Make a local connection”, “A decision that pushed me to the edge”, and “The last thing that I expected”. Finally, 3 winners get 

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how i got my 10 year US VISA in just 2 days

How I Got My 10-Year US VISA In Just 2 Days

LAST UPDATE: December 2017 THIS BLOG IS A STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE to how I received my 10-year US VISA in just 2 days! I’m a Filipino so I went through Embassy of the US, Manila, Philippines using their Interview Waiver Dropbox Program.


Africa Doesn’t Even Look Like This

HOW TO VISIT SAN DIEGO’S SAFARI PARK? Today I’m sharing what it’s like to ride the most popular attraction of the Park – the Africa Tram. I also share tips on saving money in and outside the park.