Quote from David Meerman Scott

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If you’re job hunting, how are your accounts helping your future employer find you?
If you’re an organization, how are you reaching your audience?
If you’re a brand, how are you communicating to your market?

I’m currently reading a book by David Meerman Scott, a marketer/strategist and best-selling author. I find marketing and PR quite fascinating, because that’s how people and organizations present themselves to the world. For example, people like Oprah or Anderson Cooper will never be unemployed just because of their strong personal brand. It’s how you make money, meet people, sell ideas. And the fact that branding is extremely relevant today, either for business or personal reasons.

This question above is opens the the first chapter of the book.

It made me think how I — a media producer looking for a job — can help my employers find me. Is my LinkedIn up-to-date? How are they going to know about my experience in production? Or that I’m a successful student-athlete with awards to my name? And this just isn’t personal, this question applies to your organization/business/blog/agency too. Just think about it.

How are existing advertising and media relations programs working?