Reflecting On The Past Year 2014

“THE YEAR I SAW BEAUTIFUL THINGS.” That’s how I’d describe 2014. It’s the year I got engaged to Jovi, worked my first job out of college, learned to cook and bake, and hiked and explored countless trails in San Diego — my home for the year.

How blessed is a hiker’s life. Me at San Jacinto State Park.

On April 16th, I celebrated my 23rd birthday. My life in San Diego was very alone and quiet. Instead of sulking, I hiked my favorite trail — the Torrey Pines National State Reserve. It’s not as well-known as La Jolla Village, all the more making it “my own” special place. From the parking lot to the Ranger station, it took an hour of uphill walking. Two more hours from there, I found myself past the Beach Trail, writing on a yellow pad paper and sketching the cliffs and the beach. Everything looked golden, stark, and high contrast as the famous orange California sunset came out. It wasn’t too cold, or hot, just the right temperature San Diego is known for. Remarkable.

I’ve had plenty more like that — twice in the Grand Canyon, during winter and fall; in Big Sur, one of the most beautiful coastal views on Earth; on top of Cowles Mountain, Volcan Mountain, and San Jacinto viewing decks; and even just in my neighbourhood, in Lake Chollas, as I sip on my coffee and eat my chicken burrito at 7AM.

I’m thankful for 2014, for witnessing some of the majestic sites California is known for. I’m thankful for my job that enabled me to save for marriage. I’m thankful for making working out a habit, as well as my brand-new skills of cooking and baking, which will only make me healthier. Jovi will soon-to-become my husband, and I’m grateful for that. Thanks for everything, 2014.

Here is a slideshow I made to capture last year’s highlights.