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Crystal Neri | I'm Married! Our Wedding, Part 2 - Crystal Neri

I’m Married! Our Wedding, Part 2

I’M NOW OFFICIALLY MARRIED to Jovi after many years of being together. Here’s Part 2 of a two-part series, with the final same-day edit video and a list of everyone that made it happen for us. 

Walking to the reception as husband and wife

Our wedding suppliers: Giving business to our friends

Our simple gold wedding bands are from Suarez and Sons.
simple gold bands 

Our wonderful coordinator, Tonette Carcel, was recommended to us by my flower girl’s mom, Justeen.  
Tonette's team
Tonette Malagar Carcel (7th person from left), our on-the-day wedding coordinator, with us and her team.
The reception decor was made my Hansel, one of the waiters at Cebu Country Club. 

Jovi’s drawing hanging in the DIY arch. Lots of guests took pictures here 


What a glorious day to get married. No rain!
Pink Flora’s Pinky Chang, who made the bridal bouquet, is a friend of my mother-in-law. 
Chateau De Busay serving their famous Humba. In the menu, there’s roasted beef (baka), fish fillet, pancit & more.
The house band, Mofo, and On The Cover band have the same guitarist that Jovi have been watching for 20 years.band-crystaljovi 

Our rehearsal dinner caterer, Creative Cuisine, is owned by our neighbour, Derek. Even our transportation guy, Fernando, who provided us vans and drivers, is Jovi’s friend. It was surreal to see all this labor of love come together in one special event.

People I’m Thankful For

First of all, I’m grateful to my husband, Jovi. He planned 70% of our wedding with grit to the detail. Just a few nights before the Big Day, Jovi was crunching 320 names in the spreadsheet for seating arrangements. He shows his kindness in a specific way. Case in point: nobody knew he invited about 7 caddies in our reception and even gave them money for transportation. Our wedding is proof of how much he loves me –  it not only benefitted me – but also the people around us that we made happy. To my husband: you are my favourite person in the universe and I love you to the world. 
Mom Nelia, Jovi, and Dad Julius at Bauhinia

My parents-in-law, Nelia & Julius, were tremendous help. Mom Nelia took charge of the entourage attire, flowers, alcohol, and more.  The night before the wedding day, I broke down in tears because four barongs’  and a dress were MIA. She called my coordinator the next day with words, “It’s taken care of.” Rumours she called the laundry store owner. For our jewelry, 20th century silver arrhaes, expert hosting at the Rehearsal Dinner, and a bunch of things I have no space to list here, she took charge of.

One of my most fave pics with my mom. The Mercedes conked twice on the way to the church – but we just laughed along the way.

I’m thankful to my mother, Grace, for her presence. In my wedding day speech, I choked on the part sharing how much my mom has sacrificed for our family. She flew to Cebu after not being home in the Philippines for over six years. And she was finally there, making me laugh in my bridal car, walking me down the aisle and experiencing my new life and family in Cebu. She’s came to Cebu for me, even if it wasn’t easy. 

Vanessa and the hair team of Chris made me look like this
I am super thankful for my makeup artist, Vanessa. Jovi might be annoyed by this right now, but when I look at our wedding pictures, I can’t stop saying, “Jov, I’m so pretty. Did you know I’m this pretty pala?” For the big & beautiful cake supplied by San Jose Bakeshop’s Jojo. For my maid-of-honor, Lyra,who is such a trooper in the midst of a big and chaotic Filipino wedding. For my friends at JFDI Asia, whose CEO Hugh Mason attended the event. My colleagues (Nelia, Mee-ann & Edrian) did two surprise song numbers for me. For Marko’sfantastic beach house that my family enjoyed. To the Neri and Garcia family – Lotlotorganized my bridal shower, Nini & Pio hosted the reception and played music, the nephews and nieces (Isabel, Julian, Ines and Mikkel) did a surprise song number, and 11-year old Biancaplayed Canon D live at the processional. [On a side note: how talented is this family?]
My nephews and nieces singing (from left to right): Nessi, Mikkel, Nini and Julian


My JFDI colleagues belted out 2 surprise songs for me. From left to right: Meeann, Edrian and Nelia
My JFDI family with the Lerma brothers. #spotsmoochy

Getting Married – How That Was Like

My husband and his family are loved by many people, and I’m an umbrella to their graces. We ended up putting together an event that is not to be featured on Bride and Breakfast, but is meaningful and true to us. When my cousins from Guimaras went home to tell their mom what happened, they were choking because they can’t finish their sentences. My best friend, Jonathan, is at loss for words on how everything turned out. Lyra and Sam, my friends in college, returned to their countries with stories of whaleshark sight-seeing and delicious roasted pig tastings.
My husband and I just opened hundreds of weddings gifts and are even more stunned. As those things are put away in storage for now, I’m living my days with Jovi thinking pretty much one thought: “OMG, I love this person so much.” And I’m married to him.

          Here’s our same day edit video, courtesy of Storyteller. 
Editor’s Note: To read Part 1 of our wedding story, click here. 


Crystal Neri (formerly Crystal Superal) writes content and handles social media at JFDI Asia. She loves to workout and cook and dreams of vagabonding (someday). Say Hi to her on Twitter @nericrystal.