things to see and do in seoul south korea

VIDEO: 1-minute vacation in Seoul, South Korea

VIDEO: Things to see and do in Seoul, South Korea

things to see and do in seoul south korea

At the end of 5 days, I had cuts on my feet and a strained leg muscle from walking too much. 5 days to see Seoul is really not enough. I loved their subways, the pleasant 8-degree weather, and now I think I might have been Korean in my past life because the food is just a home run for me.

Here are the highlights of our trip: Changdeukgung and Changgyeogung Palace, DMZ (Border North Korea), Cheonggyecheon stream, National Museum of Korea, Myeongdong, Namdaemun Market, N Seoul Tower & Gangnam. This is the video but stay tuned for a long blog post.


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