Adventures in Camiguin, Philippines

This 3+ minutes of video about Camiguin Island, Philippines shows white sand beaches, resort life, local food and of course a cameo of my beloved family members.

Here is our 2N/3D itinerary in Camiguin Island, Philippines

Day 1:

8AM – Arrival in Camiguin from Cebu

9AM to 11AM – Errands around the city

12PM – Check-in at Balai sa Baybay

1PM – Lunch at Casa Roca

5PM – Ardent Hot Spring

6PM – Benoni Port

7PM – Pizza takeout dinner

Day 2:

6AM – White Island

9AM – Fermin Alvarez’s Mountain house

12PM – Kamayan Seafood restaurant

2PM – Camiguin Bee Farm

4PM – Katibawasan Falls

6PM – Dinner at Isla Cocina

Day 3:

6AM – Check out at Balai sa Baybay

8AM – Flight to Cebu

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