7 Days With Family In Oahu, Hawaii

  THIS BLOG IS DIFFERENT than my other ones because family hosted us in Honolulu. Out of the short 7-days we were there, my husband and I spent the most time in Alamoana, the biggest outdoor shopping mall in the US. We went on hikes, sightseeing tours and ate lots fresh Hawaiian Poke Ahi Tuna. Sometimes called “The Gathering Place,” 

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What To Do In Siargao, Philippines

MOST BLOGS I READ ABOUT SIARGAO have travel budgets around 4K per person. But my husband and I wanted to make the most out of our experience in Surigao Del Norte, so we stayed for 5 nights and 6 days. I prefer to travel slowly anyway, taking time to enjoy our destination and let days unfold 

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5 Days In Kauai, Hawaii: Things To See And Do

This 5-day itinerary will take you to 10 tourist spots around Kaua’i, Hawaii. -By Crystal Neri My husband Jovi, and I landed in Kaua’i, Hawaii and went straight to Alamo rental car. By automatic reflex, I grabbed the key and headed straight to the ‘compact’ car section. Only after a while I realized this was a 

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TRAVEL: Bohol, Philippines

SOMETHING OTHER THAT RELAXING in Alona Beach and seeing the Chocolate Hills and tarsiers made me remember why I need to travel. Here are stories from my Labor Day weekend in Bohol, Philippines.


TRAVEL: Siquijor Island, Philippines

As I walked up the hill, people gathered in small groups, vendors stationed their dried-leaf potions on the sides, and signs were put up advertising for hilot (massage). I’m in Siquijor for its annual Healing Festival, nothing like your typical fiesta. There were even horses you can ride for 10 pesos and live music by a local 

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Letter To Myself: About Julian

  Dear Crystal,   Thank you for finally giving in to your heart’s desires. You’ve always wanted to go to the historic town Julian, after hearing about their apple pies and striking trails. You cried about stories in “A Woman Alone – Traveling Tales” – wishing you could be doing the same.    Finally, you did.  Volcan Mountain, 

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