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Philippines: About Typhoon Yolanda

Since Typhoon Yolanda (international codename: Haiyan) hit the Philippines a few weeks ago, I’ve been holding back tears whenever people ask how are my relatives at home. I reply, “My family is safe and blessed, but there are so many other people that died.” Thousands dead and millions more affected, losing friends and family, livelihood, and property. How are you even going to rebuild when all of humanity around you has been wiped out?

Here in San Diego, we don’t even see much of the typhoon news in mainstream media. So all the more I appreciate the concern — my neighbor Dianne came over, my supervisor Adam asked, even my docent tour guide inquired.

As soon as I sat down to edit today, Worldbeat Center’s Makeda cornered me. She said, Crystal, I’m doing two benefits for the typhoon relief. I was inspired by you, and I know that you’d be happy that we’re doing something for your country.” I stopped for a moment, trying to soak in the magnitude of what she said. 

For me? 

I’ve only known Worldbeat for two months, coming in a few hours a week to produce their show. But they’ve included me in meditation, schedules, activities and prayers. With tears and thanks, I am at awe for the concern my workplace has shown me. Perhaps it’s about appreciating the work I do for them. Even bigger — they are proving to me that genuinely good people all around us every day. 

Please keep sending help and prayer to the Philippines. This is the organization that Worldbeat trusts.

If you’re in San Diego, please attend our benefit on Friday, November 29th.